About Speleotherapy

Speleotherapy is a set of therapeutic methods, which are based on the use of the microclimate of the underground environment.  This environment can be found in karst caves, or in other underground premises that meet strict conditions.

SANATORIUM EDEL, ltd has opened the premises for the speleotherapy in 1995 in the renovated underground mine, which is 7km away from the institution. Speleotherapy has become an integral part of the therapeutic process and stay in Zlaté Hory. Its premises are located 620 m above the sea level and they are using 1600 m of underground corridors with a maximum depth of 93m under the surface. The year-round temperature is 7 – 8 °C.

This is an important therapeutic method with a long history, which is using the underground microclimate on a child’s organism. The microclimate of the underground environment is made up of aerosol, which in our climate has some positive qualities, including these:

  • Perennial stability of the monitored values and concentration
  • High capacity of the underground spaces
  • Constant temperature of 7 – 8°C
  • Constant humidity of 97 – 98 %
  • To ensure the natural air changing, insignificant air flow
  • Environment that is free off microbes, allergens, dust parts and mycotic particles
  • High levels of negative ions, absence of ozone.

The premises for speleotherapy are prepared in the way where children can use a small gym with a ground for volleyball, basketball, an area for table tennis and others. There are of course sanitary facilities and facilities for rest and snack.

The success of the influence of speleotherapy is high. 90% of patients lower their intake of medications and also their health improves. The effect of speleotherapy is estimated at 9 months after the treatment. Negative influence of speleotherapy has not been proven. Claustrophobia could be used as a contraindication.

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