Practical information about the stay at the speleotherapy


Children leave for the speleotherapy sessions (150mins each session) by bus from the institution. They attend these sessions 10 – 15 times during their therapeutic stay and in most cases perceive these visits positively. They are being accompanied by medical, pedagogical and technical staff, eventually by parents.

Children should be dressed warmer - sweat pants or tights and warm pants, long-sleeved shirt, sweatshirt or sweater, jacket, hat, and possibly gloves. Clothing should be older that was not sorry you possibly dirt that goes harder to wash. Children should be dressed before leaving for speleotherapy warm weather should keep things with them, nurses them to help him dress before.

Stay on speleotherapy:

  • Way entrance corridor to a place where there is a private rehab program is about 700m long, takes about 15-20min,
  • Small children can borrow older stroller on the spot,
  • Children are divided into two groups (younger, older) and by division also runs a program that has four parts: rhymes with physical activity, hygiene, snacks, free entertainment and art activities,
  • cleaning toys, tools and departure,
  • Entry is caving to capacity constraints, children under 3 years travel with parents, children over three years traveling with parents only the first time to inspect the new environment and better adapted. Exceptions are children poorly adaptable when it is agreed upon individually escort.

Daily schedule on Speleotherapy


Morning caving:

8:45 - Departure from parking at hospital
9:00 to 11:30 - stay at SPELEO
11:45 - arrival at the hospital


Afternoon caving:

13:00 - Departure from parking at hospital
1:15 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. - stay at SPELEO
16:15 - arrival at the hospital