Why to
choose Zlaté Hory?

During the treatment stay put emphasis on the fact that children spend as much time outdoors in nature. Baby-sitters educators and health and rehabilitation nurses. In addition, near the Golden Mountains offers many interesting places ideal for trips. Children also organizes regular discos, carnivals, theater and so on.

Experience beneficial
effects of Speleotherapy

Speleotherapy is set treatment methods, which are based on the use of microclimate of the underground environment. By tend to be karst caves or other underground facilities meet strict conditions. Speleotherapy become an integral part of the treatment operation and stay in Zlate Hory. Its operation is located 620 m asl and uses 1600 m of underground corridors with a maximum depth of 93 m below the surface. Year-round temperature is 7-8 ° C.

Additional services
in SanatoriumEDEL

Visits to our patients, we can stay in our tourist hostel. Clean environment is our habitat suitable for organizing school trips. To relax our clients and their loved ones, but also others serving in the clinic area hot tub and infrared sauna, outdoor pool in the summer. The newly built, modern equipped space rehabilitation provide rehabilitation and physiotherapy performances. To gain strength and alleviate health problems offer a wide range of relaxing massages.


Welcome to the website of The Medical Institution for Children with respiratory disease using speleotherapy. We are the biggest expert medical institution for children and youth in Czech Republic that is specialized in treating respiratory diseases, allergies and immunity disorders. We believe that you will enjoy your stay.

Aerial view of the Sanatorium EDEL

Aerial view of the Sanatorium EDEL

Our services

Overview of services provided in Sanatorium EDEL:

  • Hostel EDEL
  • Congresses for businesses
  • Social events
  • Schools in nature
  • Guided campus
  • Physiotherapy and massages

Information about the Therapeutic stay


Information for parents
The children’s therapeutic stay is based mainly on climatotherapy, speleotherapy, inhalation, rehabilitation exercises, hardening, and regime measures. Children attends the therapeutic stay in an individual length of 4 – 8 weeks depending particularly on the weather changes and the increase of physical activities. Speleotherapy is a significant treatment method which is quite rare in the Czech Republic but is a well-known and recognized method worldwide. This method is based on using the influence of microclimate of the underground spaces on the human organism. This constitutes an integral part of the complex medical treatment for patients suffering from repeated and chronical respiratory diseases.

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Informtion about Speleotherapy
Speleotherapy is a set of therapeutic methods, which are based on the use of the microclimate of the underground environment.  This environment can be found in karst caves, or in other underground premises that meet strict conditions.

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