Primary school and kindergarten in the children’s hospital


  • In kindergarten we are accepting preschool children unaccompanied by parents, but also children from five years with an escort.
  • Kindergarten teachers work with children by the SEP called "Kingdom Zlatohoráčka elf."
  • Part of the activities are picnics, and speleotherapy.
  • Activities aimed at the intellectual and manual development of children and prepare preschool children for entry into primary school.
  • Material Used school is at an excellent level both in the classroom and on speleotherapy.

Elementary School

  • It is fully functional and equipped with facilities for the teaching of elementary school, grammar school, but also for students and apprentices secondary education.
  • Classes are held by SEP ordinary schools (respect their plans and individual plans).
  • In classrooms are having fewer children, and it gives room for individual approach to children.
  • We respect individual differences and diagnosed with learning and behavior disorders (dysgraphia, dyslexia, dysorthographia, dyscalculia, ADHD etc.).
    Significantly gifted children have the opportunity to work according to their abilities.
  • The school has excellent material equipment (PC, IT, teaching aids).

Contact: Mgr. Jaroslav Patáková, headmistress, tel .: 584 425 239, mob .: 601 593 549,


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