Information about Sanatoriu EDEL

The medical institution for children with respiratory diseases

Sanatorium EDEL, ltd. is a private Medical Institution for Children with respiratory diseases using speleotherapy. You can find us in Zlaté Hory, at the northern edge of the Jesníky foothills at the altitude of 410 meters above the sea level. We specialised in treatments of repeated and chronic respiratory diseases and we treat children at the age of 2 – 18 years old.

The institution’s history dates back to the 2nd half of 19th century when MUDr. Anjel founded the Schweinburg Forest Institution. Due to the high quality of modern equipment and a beautiful forest surroundings the institution became a very sought-after place especially with patients who had been suffering from respiratory diseases and neurological problems. Patients of the former institution were for example writer Franz Kafka or Czech composer Leoš Janáček.

Since that time the institution has gone through lots of changes. In 1939 it went under the authority of Wehrmacht, after the end of the World War II. it was given to the authority of Ministry of Health, which rebuilt it and built up a public medical institution for children.
The institution was intended especially for children whose families were affected by the war, children with tuberculosis and for malnourished children. In 1993 the status was changed to The Medical Institution for Children with respiratory diseases, from 1996 the institution has become a private medical facility, and nowadays its name is Sanatorium EDEL, ltd.
Current capacity is 96 beds for children patients and 33 beds for their guardians. The treatment is based mainly on climatotherapy, speleotherapy, inhalation, rehabilitation exercises, and hardening the body.

Therapeutic park EDEL

A large forest park, which we constantly revitalise, modernise and also make it accessible to the children of all ages, is situated in a close proximity from the Institution. We believe that you’ll come to love it too.

The park encourages not only children but also parents to lots of activities. Everyone will really come to choose something. Here you will find modern children’s climbing frames and sports apparatuses assisting the child’s agility development, a fitness path with outdoor body building simulators, and a barefoot path. During warmer months you can have some refreshments at the summer house, and grill a sausage above the fire. There is also a newly built tarmac path for cyclist and skaters.

The park is situated next to an outside relaxation area, which includes an outdoor pool, whirlpool and infrasauna.

During the whole year this place becomes a site of not only outside activities of our patients but also events for the public. This park is freely accessible.

We hope that you will enjoy with us and therapeutic stay will be beneficial not only for your child but also for you.

We are ready to do the maximum.

The environment and the weather situation (conditions)

In a close proximity of the institution we measure an actual environment condition, and an actual climate and meteorological conditions. Data that are daily evaluated are being shared with the Health Institute in Ostrava. We are also continuously monitoring and evaluating pollen situation.

We offer


Medical stays for children.

Following a proposal by the child or a medical specialist is recruited patients of all health insurers in age from 2 to 18 years. The period of stay of children is on average about 5 weeks, the length of treatment is determined on the basis of their health and diagnosis hospital director.
This treatment is covered by health insurance. Children are cared for 24 hours a pedagogical and medical staff. On your diet and any dietary needs oversees nutrition assistant.


Providing pre-school and school education.

Preschool children attend kindergarten at Children's Hospital and school children of primary school children in the hospital, where lessons are summarized. Medical treatments (except speleotherapy), tuition, accommodation and meals are provided in a closed complex of interconnected buildings. Patients without parents are accommodated in 2-4 bed rooms with shared facilities.


Medical stays for children accompanied by their parents.

We prefer that children at the age between 2 – 6 years are accompanied by one of their parents. Shared residence especially helps with the induction training and the follow up practise of the nursing and rehabilitation techniques. Small patients are accommodated with their parents in either separate rooms with shared sanitary facilities (no fees), or in rooms with sanitary facilities and TV (additional fees apply), or in apartments (additional fees apply).